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With the increased amount of RF/EMF's running through our Homes and Businesses today affecting our Body & Mind, it’s certainly time to take some extra precautions to try to NEUTRALIZE them and deliver HARMONY back into our Environment and Home – especially since technology is not going to change or go away, whether it's dangerous to our own Energy-Systems, or not.  


The days of a simplified life with corded phones, and Televisions that just plug into the wall have come and gone!  Today with the major interference of Wifi, RF, Microwave, and EMF exposure to the Body & Mind has become a Health issue for many.  Regarding our first major interference back in the late 1800's and early 1900's, Dirty Electricity was considered a paranoid emotion!  Now today, more and more of us are moving our beds, chairs and couches AWAY from the walls that carry such high amounts of EMF's; and Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt MD, PhD notes in one of his conferences that the Alternating Current within the walls of our homes, which many researchers call "Dirty Electricity" is dangerous, and he measures the MiliVolts within the body via Voltage Readings - this is the Voltage the body is Holding Towards the Ground.  Dr. Dietrich, also, notes that a growing nervous system of a baby in a womb is 10-20x more sensitive than an adult to these high MiliVolts.


This Dirty Electricity appears to be one of the most dangerous interference while asleep as our body requires a deep REM, as this is the time of day (nighttime) the body re-generates and rebuilds throughout every cell of the body, and though with all the Electrical Magnetic disturbances, the natural healing task of the body may certainly be disrupted and at risk.


In addition, WiFi is now of ‘constant’ running in our homes, businesses, and many other establishments, along with Digital Water and Electric Meters that have become a new attachment to many Homes and Businesses in the past 10-15 year which some call "Smart Meters" and they mostly run on Radio-Frequencies inwhich the internet is full of posts, articles, research and blogs from Professional and non-Professionals that claim the RF's from these cause Harmful affects on our health and are microwaving us in our own homes, possibly every 30 seconds of the day.  


Do you own, sleep and or work near a Computer, WiFi Router/Modem, Computer Monitors, and/or use a Lap Top near or on the body while running on WiFi combined with high EMF’s?  Include in this scenario is the interference of the Internet Routers in our homes and businesses, Blue-Tooth Devices, Cellular AND Cordless Phones, and the high EMF's of Refrigerators inwhich may interfere within the food inside, along with Ranges, Dishwashers, Washers & Dryers, along with Televisions, dimmer switches, chargers and much more!


We are all ENERGY, and when our Vibrations are lowered from all the interference today, having something to raise them easily, and quickly, is where the p-Energy products come into play!   Worried about your FOOD, and/or Beverages?  Put them on/in our p-Energy plates, bowls and mugs, and neutralize what may be interfering in them, and Taste the Difference! 


Tall Cellular towers today are now within almost 1-3 miles from most homes and or businesses, and some research has noted that they deliver dangerous amounts of disturbance to our Body & Mind if within 1.4 miles of our home or office - how close are you?  See here:  www.AntennaSearch.com



Because of the Negative effects upon our Physical - Mental - Emotional and Spiritual Being from our Environment,  Food, Water, Cosmetics, Household Products, and beverages, we now can honestly say, we need some POSITIVE ENERGY!





p-Energy Pyramid w/Infused Crystals







p-Energy Pyramid



Live in an Environment without Geopathic Stress!  THIS is the 1st step to Freedom!!!




An Effective Energy Field, Restoring Balance within your Home and or Office! $189+ s/h


The p-Energy Pyramid quite possibly restores the balance of the bioenergetic force field in the living cell.  Geopathic stress was first found in Germany, and the scientists and medical doctors were seeing that much of the Health issues are coming from our Homes - mostly, via Geopathic Stress!!!

Placed in your home and or office on the ground floor, produces a field 50-75' spherically in all directions -

You may do two or three floors with one p-Energy Pyramid placed on the first floor of any home or office.


For those who are very sensitive, the p-Energy Pyramid may initially be placed against the wall farthest from the affected person's bedroom, each week bringing the Pyramid closer to the middle of the Home.  The results of long-term study series conducted on a scientific basis established the existence of so-called Geopathogenic Effects (Earth Rays.Terrestrial Energy Fields) as well as their hazard to the living cell. The Home (or work) Pyramid is a crucial and trendsetting step toward biosanitation of Geopathogenic Effects. The specially developed marbles with 6 induced harmonics used in the Pyramid in conjunction with the sophisticated design creates an effective Energy Field, which helps to produce and maintain a bio-energetically, well balanced, electromagnetic interplay of the metabolic processes in the living cell.

The p-Energy Pyramid, which maintains a levorotatory energy field, restores the balance of the bioenergetic force field in the living cell which is adversely affected by terrestrial, dextrorotatory energy fields (repulsion).  Due to the levorotatory Energy Field, the p-Energy Pyramid can exert an exceptionally positive effect on the electromagnetic interplay in the living cell, which Geopathogenic Energy Fields tend to put in a state of imbalance. In this way, the regeneration process as well as the general well-being can be sensibly enhanced and this process, if necessary, supported by additional measures on the part of the physician.  






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