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Assisting also with Endurance, Stamina, Balance!

Do you want to feel more energized and less fatigued Naturally?


Creating a better quality of life without relying on stimulants like caffeine or sports drinks may be the best solution to not depend on Caffeine products yet have continued energy throughout the days with our Power Bands!  The preferred wrist is the left hand side due to the slightly more energic side of the body, however, our Wrist bands can be worn on the ankle as an alternative placement.   Power Bands are adjustable and infused with over 300 frequencies from the highest quality sources to enhance EMF protection (harmonizing), Endurance, Balance, Higher Performance, and can assist with fewer aches, pains, fatigue, along with being Water-Proof!  Swim, shower with your band! 


The body recognizes the frequencies from the Power Band, therefore the body pulls the deficiencies from what you need to power your body thru the days and into the evenings.


Just wear it around your wrist or ankles when you're at home or exercising. You'll be amazed by how much better you feel after just one day of using this product, creating an overall balancing of body energy so you can live life better every day. 

Wrist bands can not be replaced due to wear, loss, tear, or damage due to their misuse.

Dj  ~  Transformational Coach / Self Empowerment

Certified Biomagnetist

  • Independent Quantum Living Advocate - AO Scan Digital Body Analyzer

  • Reiki Master

  • Research Guru (for Natural Health & Healing)

  • Creator/Life Coach 'Vi Meditation'

  • Releasing Emotional Blocks (success, finances, relationships, weight control, addictions) 

  • Quantum Entrainment ~ (unleash your ability to manifest)

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