Your Water Energizer

Second to Oxygen, our Wellness should begin with Water. 

It is necessary to restore water to a desirable and necessary energetic structure known as hexagonal and/or cluster structure.  Most all water is 'dead', while being filtered by Reverse Osmosis, leaving Humans and our loving Pets dehydrated at a Cellular Level.






Two examples of energetic structures:


The first picture below on the left shows the normal structures of drinking water. In the second picture on the right you can see the beautiful, clear energetic structures of the same drinking water energized by the Energy Technology.

No matter how much water a person drinks, without energetic structures one will be always dehydrated.  With our cells not hydrating, we may never have the quality and energetic life we desire. 



The Water Energizer works in one minute!

Does YOUR water get recognized by the Cells in your body & Hydrate?

Above is the Portable Water Energizer, and also Whole-House system's are available, and installed in just three minutes (bottom of page)


Stainless steel, absolutely rust-free,
for mobile use for liquid quantity up to 100 ounces 3 liters
5,5″ x 0.47″ 138 x 12 mm, 0.15 lbs 70 grams

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Red blood cells, erythrocytes, are blood cells responsible for the transport of oxygen. They are reddish in color because they contain the blood pigment hemoglobin which turns red when it binds with oxygen. Too few or too many erythrocytes in the blood can indicate certain diseases. The red blood cells have a vital function: they transport oxygen into every cell of the body. Oxygen combines with fuel in the cells in a “combustion process” which produces carbon dioxide. The carbon dioxide is carried to the lungs by the blood and is exhaled.

Stress, over-acid conditions, electrical and magnetic pollution, toxins, etc., can cause red blood cells to clump or stack together like a roll of coins. The presence of such clumps in the blood is a good indicator that the body has been burdened by unhealthful conditions. See graphic 1.
Tests were performed on various individuals who reported significant improvements in energy and also showed improvements in the blood only 15 minutes after drinking the Energy water. See dark field microscopy analysis on graphic 2.


Case Study 1
Graphic 1
Darkfield Microscopy Blood test before drinking this energized Energy water. One can clearly see the red blood cells clumped or stacked together like a roll of coins.


Case Study 1
Graphic 2
Darkfield Microscopy Blood test only 15 minutes after drinking 250 ml (9 ounces) energized Energy water. Free-floating or only slightly touching erythrocytes are sure signs of unburdened blood.


Case Study 2
Graphic 1
Darkfield Microscopy Blood test before drinking the  energized Energy water. One can clearly see the red blood cells clumped or stacked together like a roll of coins.


Case Study 2
Graphic 2
Darkfield Microscopy Blood test only 15 minutes after drinking 250 ml (9 ounces) energized Energy water. Free-floating or only slightly touching erythrocytes are sure signs of unburdened blood.

These two test images as above correspond approximately to the results of all test subjects!
Only highly energized water causes in the cells a clean “combustion” of the fuel, resulting in less waste and easier cleansing of such waste as is generated.

Proof of the effect of the Energy devices can be provided by suitable measuring methods:

A) the redox potential* measurement method (which is scientifically recognized),
B) dark field microscopy,
C) kinesiology (muscle-resistance testing) and others.

One of the recurring basic questions is the behavior of the erythrocytes in the blood on the energized water, which in most cases is the tap water. This is known to many as the “money-roll-dissolving” effect on erythrocytes in the blood.

Not aggregated erythrocytes tangent to the margins are, among other criteria, a good indication of a largely unloaded blood. So-called “money-roll-shaped, clumped structures” can be caused due to stress, the blood due to acidification, stress, e-smog, toxins etc. among others.

Erythrocytes are roundish blood cells that are responsible for oxygen transport. They are colored red, as they containing blood pigment hemoglobin which is red. Hemoglobin binds the oxygen. Too few or too many erythrocytes in the blood can indicate certain diseases. The red blood cells have a vital function: they transport oxygen to every  corner of the body. Oxygen is consumed in body cells, producing carbon dioxide. This comes with the Erythrocytes to the lungs and it is released into the breath and exhaled.

Redox Potential Measurements of Drinking Water

Redox potential measurements showed a negative change of 23 mV compared to the pre-measurement. This means that the Energy water has a significantly higher (electron) energy value than the same premeasurement water. The values are computer-logged and consist of 60 individual measurements each. The use of the Energy WATER ENERGIZER changes the redox potential by an average of 23 mV more negative than the initial compared to the test of the drinking water before. This means that this drinking water has a significantly increased energy value compared to water that has not been exposed to the energizer.








Only healthy water forms beautiful hexagonal, snowflake-like crystals. the energy drinking water, spring water, water from deep wells and pristine streams – all have the ideal hexagonal structure to a large extent. The smaller the molecular clusters, the easier the water will penetrate the cells. One way to measure the size of the cluster molecule is through nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) technology. The lower the NMR values, the smaller the clusters.You can test the absorption rate (take up rate) of hexagonal water for yourself. Drink two to three glasses of hexagonal water in one go. You will not feel bloated because your body is able to process the water immediately, unlike bottled water via reverse osmosis.

With our body at over 76% water, it only makes sense to start here with our Wellness!


The stainless steel rod energizes water amounts up to 2 liters in 1 minute and gives the water a natural energetic structure.
1. Insert the stainless steel W 100 in a drinking container filled with water.
2. Simply place the W 100 outside of the drinking container. The W 100 must touch the container. After one minute of contact, the water is energized.
It is smart and convenient to take the W 100 on the road.
You should not miss to drink healthy energized water when traveling.




For permanent installation and unlimited quantities
of water harmonizing.
7.5″ x 2″ x 190 x 50 mm, 1.9 lbs 850 Gramm

The Hi Energy W 300 energizes unlimited amounts of drinking water and gives the water a natural energetic structure.
Simply strap the W 300 onto the central water pipe entering the building with the help of 3 cable ties. This water pipe can be made of metal or plastic. The diameter of the pipe does not matter. This means that the W 300 is suitable for industrial and agricultural uses. It does not matter whether the W 300 is installed in front of or behind any existing water filter system.
Clean the outside of the water pipe to a length of approx. 50 cm / 20”. Fasten the W 300 with the 2 black cable ties in the milled slots, insert the blue banana plug into the hole, fasten the wire at the end of the cable with the blue cable tie and assure a fixed pipe contact – done!
However, the water pipe must not be insulated at the point where the small information transmission wire is attached.
The W 300 system should not be exposed to the weather.
If you ever move, simply take the Hi Energy W 300 with you and re-install it at the new location as described.
Experience has shown that the W 300 performs a “gentle descaling” in the pipe area and prevents it from being deposited again. Therefore, it may well be that after the installation of the W 300 in tap water more lime can be seen.
However, this lime is polarized and natural, which means it is absorbed by the body, processed and does not deposit in the brain or elsewhere.
The situation is different when lime is carried in pipes being descaled by an electric descaling system. This is done by transforming from 230/117 volts to 12 volts currents that act on the water through the pipe to prevent settling and cause descaling. Magnetic descalers attached to the pipe have the same purpose. Lime treated by these methods allegedly loses its natural polarity. How it behaves in the body is still largely unexplored. Now that all the drinking water in the house piping system is energetic and has defined energy and cluster structures, it is optimized for living things including humans, animals, plants, habitats, etc.

Installation time: 1 minute. There will be no electricity or any energy supply needed. No interference with the existing piping system. Maintenance free. Simply attach the device on the incoming central water pipe, plastic or metal, as long it is not insulated, with 3 cable ties as shown in the picture. It will be a one off introduction time of 8 days, until the device has fully developed its functions. There are many reports that this unit improves the water quality and causes a descaling of the entire water piping.







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